Zelda Wii to be “Easier to Play” According to Miyamoto

There was a short gap of time when Nintendo was fairly open with talking about Zelda Wii’s development. Now, everything has quieted down again as we come closer to E3. But Miyamoto, in a German interview, talked a little bit more about the upcoming Zelda Wii.

Both Eiji Aonuma and Miyamoto have been pushing that they plan on Zelda Wii a breath of fresh air for the series. The team has been completely rethinking both the structure of the game itself and rethinking how a Zelda game is developed.

But one thing we haven’t heard much about is broadening the Zelda audience. “We are trying to make Zelda, which has become very complicated, easier to play,” said Miyamoto.

That comment alone can be concerning depending on how they actually go about making it “easier to play.” If it is something like Super Guide, I don’t think it will harm much. But if they are trying to further lower the difficulty of the game, that may be a bit concerning.

Hopefully making it “easier to play” will follow a different, or possibly entertaining, path. Rather then just gimping the game.

Oh, look. It’s THAT image again. I can’t wait till E3. Finally get more Zelda Wii pictures to use.

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9 thoughts on “Zelda Wii to be “Easier to Play” According to Miyamoto”

  1. “Oh, look. It’s THAT image again. I can’t wait till E3. Finally get more Zelda Wii pictures to use.” Lol! Don’t worry Oculin, you won’t have to use THAT image again soon :D.

    1. Lol I was really pumped when that image came out, but now its just getting tiring. I need to go back and look how many posts it has been used in.

  2. Of all the complaints I’ve heard regarding the latest batch of Zeldas, “too difficult” has never been one of them…do they really NEED to be easier?
    Unless he means cutting down on the amount of game mechanics, which I s’pose I understand.

  3. I wouldn’t really say the past Zelda games have too difficult. They certainly aren’t as difficult as the first two Zelda games, that’s for sure.

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