33 thoughts on “6-7-10 “The Vlog Before the Storm””

  1. May the force be with who?! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH WHO!?

    Those are some face-meltingly awesome prizes there, so much love for all the people that donated them.

  2. Holy poop! Those are amazing prizes I am SO PUMPED 4 more days! 😀 Oh and I ate a Ghost Pepper before it is pretty hot but it was pretty bad but I am really used to spicy food so it wasnt that bad <<

  3. ROFL, was Tyler dancing macarena??

    lol he does Mario pretty well.If it wasn’t for the lack of a mustache, he would totally fool. =P

    All the prizes are awesome and I have a new goal in life now…

    MUST.WIN.THOSE.PLUSHIES! *___________*

  4. I’ve been out grand prized! :O Well… it’s a Black Wii. I don’t mind sending in a second prize to that, it’s pretty hard to beat.

    Please promise me that you’ll post that trailer online after the goal is met. I work the first three days of the marathon. Based on past donation rates ya’ll will hit that goal while I’m working.

  5. 1.Another happy b-day.
    3.I love all the donators, they’re awesome.
    4.Phil…..hats…..O_____O must…. have….NOW! That didn’t sound creepy did it. >.>
    5.Tim and baltes, I need to give ya hug for that awesome prize.
    6.Ghost pepper…… guys we still want you to be around for the next marathon! THe juices alone can burn the skin off your hands for pete’s sake! Oh thank god they’ve been dried out. 7.Ladies and gentlemen, the next village person: Mario Tyler.

  6. im ready! im gonna do great with fan art! man, whats with me and fan art? ah whatever, we’re gonna get to the 50,000. i know it, u know it, u can run to afrca but u cant hide from the truth

  7. Those are all awesome prizes! This will be the most epic marathon ever! I now know that Tyler can have a lot of fun being in a Mario costume… or ever just taking it off o.O

  8. Man I think seeing you guys eat a ghost pepper would be funnier than the Mother Marathon thing when Tyler T. and Rob drank Habenero hot sauce…

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