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Are you outta gum!? DUKE NUKEM Manhattan Project is coming June 23rd to XBLA! But if you have plenty of gum, there are tons of deals on games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (50% off), Banjo Tooie (33% off), Portal (33% off), and more.

You can check out full details after the jump.

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week:
FIFA 10 Ulitmate Game Mode, 240 Points
Madden NFL Arcade, 800 Points

NBA 2K10 Draft Combine, 240 Points

Football Genius, 400 Points

Sensible World of Soccer, 400 Points

Soccer ball Xbox LIVE Avatar prop, 80 Points

MLB Stickball, 400 Points

You must be an Xbox LIVE Gold member to access this special DOTW pricing which will start Monday, June 21, 2010. Remember: You can upgrade your membership to Gold a variety of way

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand:

June 21: Mirror’s Edge

June 21: Bee Movie Game

Xbox LIVE Arcade:

June 23: RISK: Factions, 800 Points

June 23: Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, 800 Points

Xbox 360 Game Add-ons
June 22: Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Onslaught Mode, 800 Points

June 22: Red Dead Redemption – ‘Outlaws to the End’, Free

June 23: Hasbro Family Game Night: Jenga, Pictureka! and Connect 4×4, 800 Points each

Avatar Marketplace:

June 21: LEGO Harry Potter

Plus, A Crackdown 2 demo will be available on June 21.

One last thing to note: the below items are on sale through Tuesday as part of the XBLA “Inventory Blowout”:
A Kingdom for Keflings  (400 points     50% off)
Alien Hominid HD  (400 points     50% off)
Banjo Tooie   (800 points     33% off)
Bionic Commando Rearmed  (400 points     50% off)
Bomberman LIVE   (400 points     50% off)
Castle Crashers   (800 points     33% off)
Castlevania Symphony of the Night (400 points     50% off)
Contra  (240 points     40% off)
Crystal Defenders    (400 points     50% off)
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2   (400 points     50% off)
Magic the Gathering     (400 points     50% off)
N+   (400 points     50% off)
Panzer General    (400 points     50% off)
Portal   (800 points     33% off)
TMNT: 1989 Arcade   (240 points     40% off)
Uno Rush   (400 points     50% off)
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment  (800 points    33% off)
Zombie Apocalypse  (400 points     50% off)

(Source: Major Nelson’s Blog)

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