Create Your Own Hero in Fire Emblem: Hero of Light and Shadow

While Fire Emblem: Hero of Light and Shadow is a remake of the SNES title with Marth as the main character, it seems he is getting a role change. Instead of Marth being the main character, you are! Or that’s how they want it to be seem at least.

Fire Emblem: Hero of Light and Shadow has players creating their own characters. Players can choose gender, eye color, hair style , face type, and unit type. These changes are not only visual either, but also changes how characters speak to you. So multiple playthroughs might be spiced up a bit.

The story has you as a new recruit in Marth’s army. While the story follows the original story of the SNES title, there will be a side story dedicated to your character as you progress in the story as well.

Aside from your own hero, other new features including 4 difficulty levels, an addition of a “Casual Mode” so you can play the game without units permanently dying upon death, an online shop, and a in-game plot guide that gives you information on nations, characters, etc.

The title is set to launch on Nintendo DS this July 15th in Japan. We haven’t heard of a NA or EU release yet, but E3 would probably be the place to look.

You can check out some tiny screenshots after the jump.

(Character Details Source: Siliconera)
(Other Details: 1UP)

4 thoughts on “Create Your Own Hero in Fire Emblem: Hero of Light and Shadow”

  1. Sold.
    The last time I’ve seen interaction with the player was in the first fire emblem that was released in the UK and I’ve missed it ever since.

  2. 😀
    I am at loss for words.
    To me, the casual mode seems a little…too casual. But then again, it’ll be great for newcomers to Fire Emblem.

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