EA press conference

The EA press conference was full of games and games and more games.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

They started the conference off with the expected Criterion Need for Speed game. They decided to take it back to my personal favorite game in the series. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. They showed some social media style updates that tie in with your Gamertag/PSN and let you have meta battles with your friends. They then showed a split screen race between a cop and a racer where you have to use roadblocks and your own car to stop the racer.

November 16th 2010 release date

Deadspace 2

Then they went into the sequel to my favorite game of a couple years ago Deadspace. It takes place on a massive space city called The Sprawl which opens up the game to all kinds of interesting civilian based area’s. They also showed several enemies and the return of the frantic enemy management of the first game.

1/25/2011 release date

Medal of Honor

The third game on their list is their new Medal of Honor game. They revealed the first look at the multiplayer with a live 24 person match. It looked very similar to DICE’s other games and to the untrained eye you could mistake it for Modern Warfare 2. The

October 12 2010 release date

June 21st multiplayer beta starts.

To tie into the beta the then announced the EA rewards program called Gunclub. Their initial reward is Medal of Honor beta access with a pre-order of the game.

Gunclub will hopefully become the home to all kinds of fan rewards such as this in the future.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion

We have no real information on this game, however it may be an update of the older DICE multiplayer shooter Battlefield: Vietnam.

EA Sports

They kicked it off with EA sports MMA and the EA live broadcast program. This is where players make their own hype tapes and compete to be chosen for a live broadcast of their fights on consoles and these fights are commented on by actual sports commenter’s. The winner’s of the battles will recieve real world prizes.

Then they went into the only Kinect enabled game at the EA conference EA Active 2. This time the game is going multiplatform and every version is completley wireless. They have added heart moniters you can wear on your arms and legs so that it can keep track of your heart rate while you exercise. The Xbox 360 version is the most different because it uses the Kinect to help with the exercises.

Madden NFL 11.

I watched them talk about this game. I still don’t really understand what they changed. The claimed that it’s going to be more accessable and also deeper. Something about changing plays in the middle of playing. It was confusing. The feature I got were that they are allowing 3 VS 3 co-op play on the same team. Then they claimed that the games will take half the time to play.

Next they started diving into the EA partners program

Crysis 2

Crytek’s shooter may not be familiar with alot of console only players, but the first was magnificent at combining the fun of a sandbox with the excitement of linear game. The games features you as a super soldier with several super modes that you can switch between. You use these with the games large area’s to either sneak, be tactical, or Rambo your way through the area. The game allows you to tackle most of the area’s presented. This game takes a left turn for the series setting it in New York rather than a jungle like the last game. This is the first in the series to be put onto a console.


Bulletstorm is the newest game from the popular PC shooter creator People Can Fly. They made the great throwback game’s Painkiller which pitted you against insane amounts of enemies with very creative weapons. Their newest game has a Duke Nukem vibe and focuses on a system where the more creative you are with the way you kill people the more points you get to spend on you skills. This helps this game separate itself from the current cult of headshots.

Old Republic.

They announced the first details of the PVP, which will be focused on battleground like areas and they announced that every player will eventually get their very own customizable starship.

They finished out the conference with another incredible CG trailer for The Old Republic titled Hope.

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  1. Crysis 2 should only be on PC. PC gamers need a good exclusive, they are getting knocked out of the gaming universe. Also, Insomiac(Ratchet and Clank, and Resistance) have a contract with EA to create a single game for the Xbox 360. Random knowledge.

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