9 thoughts on “Fanime 2010 video coverage!”

  1. I swear I saw a Remilla Scarlet cosplayer in the background.

    And I laughed so hard at David Tennant playing Rock Band.

    Anyway, great vid Psychotaku. I’d have love to have gone but unfortunatly I simply don’t have enough money to go to America right now.

    So any chance of taking Psychotaku international 😉

  2. I love how Mark cosplayed as Psychotaku. It’s a shame Psychotaku didn’t make an appearance himself.
    I blame the Con’s ‘in-America’ status.
    Psh. Don’t even tell me they’re the same person. Psychotaku wouldn’t lower himself to learn English.
    Although, Mark’s impression was admittedly impeccable.

    Seriously, thanks for the coverage as well as the E3 stuff during the ‘thon.

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