GoldenEye Wii Detail Round-Up

At E3, Activision announced that GoldenEye 007 was indeed getting a remake for the Nintendo Wii. And while many GoldenEye fans rejoiced, quite a few changes are coming to the title that may make a handful of fans upset.

The single player is probably where the game is seeing the most changes. The previously bland folders for the mission briefing in the 64 classic is getting replaced with detailed mission briefings with a more modernized make over. The missions themselves are going to be a  bit lengthier and have more cinematics then in the original title.

The missions have multiple way in which you can approach them. You can go Rambo on everything, or go for a more stealthy approach. And, of course, optional mission objectives return along with the Secret Agent and 00-Agent difficulty levels.

Bond himself has changed as well. Aside from just having a new actor, his moveset has been updated. Bond can now perform new stealthy take downs, rolls, and other more acrobatic moves. Other features you expect to find in more modern games, like regenerative health, have been added as well.

Multiplayer details after the jump.

The Multiplayer is a lot more faithful then the single player. 4 player split screen returns with 3 different modes and 16 modifiers, like paint ball, melee only etc., allowing up to 200 different combinations. 16 classic bond characters will be available plus others from the original game. Although, the characters have been changed to reflect their most recent actors.

Online is going to have a more modernized system including XP, perks, and an unlock system. The online will support up to 8 players and have 9 different modes.

Almost all of the Multiplayer maps returned. Complex, unfortunately, has not due to legal issues with RARE (although you can play the level on the XBLA version of Perfect Dark). The Bond death theme also has been removed from split screen multiplayer because the developers thought it got too annoying with 4 players dying on a single screen. Although the tune has been kept intact for singleplayer and online multiplayer.

It sounds pretty exciting, but I’m sure the lack of Complex is going to cause a bit of rage. And for the more hardcore fans, the lack of the bond theme when dying during multiplayer might be an issue as well.

It sounds like it will be a worthy remake. But with some people, there will be no way to beat the original. Hopefully when the title releases this holiday season, there will be more right rather than wrong with the title.

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  1. Hmm, my faith in this remake is starting to grow. I’m glad to hear the inclusion of some of the old multiplayer maps. When I first heard about this game, I was unsure, after what EA did to the Goldeneye name before with ‘Rogue Agent’. But now after more info has emerged, it definitely seems like these guys are on the right path. It may, or may not surpass the original, but at the very least, countless gamers will finally have their wish fullfilled. And also, online play in Goldeneye gonna be so much fun!

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