Handcam Footage of Unannounced Square-Enix Game

Now this is a weird story. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but apparently a trailer of an unannounced title under the name Nerkas is playing over at a Staples Center. Some one just happened to grab the footage via a hand cam.

Square-Enix recently trade marked the title Nerkas, so it is believed to be their game. They are usually pretty tight on this kind of stuff.

I’m taking a guess that this is a fake leak staged by Square-Enix, rather then a real one. Especially since the video is still up and hasn’t been removed yet. It all just seems a bit off. It could just be fake all together, but it looks fairly solid.

From what I can pull from the trailer, it looks like a third person shooter where you can use mind control to possess other units.

If it is real, I’m sure we will hear more at E3.

(Source: GoNintendo)

One thought on “Handcam Footage of Unannounced Square-Enix Game”

  1. I made a movie of this event in my head.

    A rouge employee seeks to steal the trailer for a convuluted reason. The movie is him on the run trying to figure out what to do with the trailer or whatever. The climactic finish is where he has it set up to play at the staples center and gets gunned down. He falls and dies onto the play button.

    Thats what happened.

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