Kinect news and game demo’s

First they showed off Kinect’s interface which looks very interesting and fun to use. After that they showed off the voice chat feature called Video Kinect. It has all of the same features as the Xbox Live parties, but with video chat.

They announced a deal with ESPN where they will have a whole bunch of pre-recorded sports game’s and trivia and other polls built in.

Kinectimals is essentially Nintendogs with exotic cats. It recognizes your voice and can react to your actions.

Kinect Sports features a large amount of games with different modes for each. The game they showed was Track and Field which was played by running in place and jumping over hurdles.

Kinect Adventures showed 2 of the “adventures” included which were an obstacle course and a rafting adventure.  They were controlled by moving your body around and jumping.

They also showed Joyride controlled with Kinect which was done by miming a wheel, boosting by pushing forward, and turning to do tricks.

Next they got into the major third party Kinect games which in included Your Shape Fitness Evolved which is a fitness game that uses the technology of Kinect to it’s advantage and looks interesting.

Then they showed of the Harmonix Kinect game Dance Central. It is not based on So You Think You Can Dance and features the great style that most Harmonix games come with. The gameplay is much more in depth then any other dance games requiring you to perform full dance routines and remember moves as it ask’s you to do them. There is a training mode so you can prepare for the full routines.

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