Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Off-Screen E3 Trailer

Square-Enix hasn’t released a direct-feed trailer of the Nintendo DS title Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, but they were apparently showing one off at their booth. Thankfully some one has grabbed the footage, and hopefully Square-Enix won’t take it down.

Despite previously being a mobile phone game, it looks like your standard Kingdom Hearts game. It probably uses the same engine that 358/2 days used.

You can check out the trailer plus a few screenshots after the jump.

(Via: GoNintendo)

10 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Off-Screen E3 Trailer”

  1. I’m surprised some of you are clamoring about this being a remake. I mean, of course it is a remake, but of Kingdom Hearts Coded, not the original Kingdom Hearts. Coded was an entirely new game produced and released in episodes. I’ve seen some of the major scenes of the game with English subtitles, and it really does have a unique and new story. In fact, chronologically it IS the most recent Kingdom Hearts game. Not only that, but there were a lot of gameplay mechanics designed specifically for this game which, while originally meant to be used on mobile phones, I think will translate nicely over to the DS. I know I’ll be buying it.

    1. Thank you for saying that. was just about to say it. But yeah new story, most recent, new important info. Everything that is happening in KH: Coded, KH: 358/2 Days and BBS will relate deeply to KH3.

  2. Considering I’m a Kingdom hearts fan and pretty much buy all the games as soon as they come out. Chances are I will buy it, based on the interesting story I heard it has.

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