Legend of Mana Joining Square-Enix’s PSone Classics Line-up

Square has been talking about their PSone Classic releases quite a bit in advanced recently. Final Fantasy IX and Threads of Fate (which recently hit PSN in Japan) were all revealed on Square-Enix’s Japanese twitter account.

Now Square-Enix has gone and announced that 2000’s Legend of Mana will be heading to PlayStation Network.  The title saw a release in Japan and North America, but never saw the light of day in Europe.

I’m not sure what PSN’s policy is on import games for PSone classics, but it would be great to see the title head to Europe.

One thought on “Legend of Mana Joining Square-Enix’s PSone Classics Line-up”

  1. I am really excited for this hope it gets released in NA I only played a bit of this game a few months back and liked it alot and would love to play it on an actual system.

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