Level-5 Planning On Breaking Nintendo Publishing Deal for Professor Layton Series

Level-5 has been publishing their games in Japan for a few years. Outside of Japan, they have relied on a variety of different companies for localization efforts. No More! Says Level-5. At least for the Professor Layton series.

Level-5 intends on self-publishing the Professor Layton series in North America. The company is currently creating a U.S. Branch in Santa Monica that will consist of about 10 people that will consist of members from Japanese company and locally hired employees. Europe won’t be left out though, as it seems they are in talks of a Europrean branch starting in 2011.

Breaking the deal would open up a handful of doors to the company. One, hopefully the publishing of the Professor Layton games will speed up here in the west so we can actually catch up. And two, Level-5 owns the Professor Layton franchise, so they could potentially move the franchise to other platforms. Professor Layton on the iPhone wouldn’t sound too farfetched. And of course, more money for them cutting out a large chunk of Nintendo’s share of the profit.

I’m sure Nintendo isn’t very happy about it, but I think Professor Layton fans benefit.

(Source: Develop-Online)

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