Mario Marathon Youtube round up

During the marathon a lot of funny moments were had and of course a lot were unseen. We’ve rounded up some youtube videos highlighting some of the funnier moments and also moments that were particularly done in the late night.

For all the barrel rolls and laughs check out the videos after the break

Mr Arten Xevious owed the community barrel rolls and he was a man of his word.

Fangamers rocks all of TSG socks off.

No one raves quiet like Rust.

Our response to Rust’s Rave.

NBC Visits TheSpeedGamers

NBC’s news report (Stereo)

TSG Music video contest winner, made by GoldJet

Oscar and Proton Jon sing “Barbie Girl”

Chugga gets iced!

Bear and Ruju’s Jelly bean eat off (2 parts)

The bed pile

TheSpeedGamers’ Human Pyramid

25 thoughts on “Mario Marathon Youtube round up”

  1. There were so many other great moments… I was really hoping to see videos of the gummy bears and pieing Chugga. Oh well, still some awesome clips. Can’t wait for next year!

  2. These videos are amazing. The people who recorded them are awesome. I can’t believe I missed some of these moments. It’s nice to fill in the blanks.

  3. Man, I was pressing Z or R so many times in those last 21 hours…>-<

    Seriously, thanks again for holding these marathons and keep up the good work.

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