Microsoft Game Trailers and Demo’s

Call of Duty Black Ops Demo.

The COD: Black Ops demo looked to take place in Vietnam, however it was during modern times. Other than the setting it seemed par for the course for a Call Of Duty campaign besides a player controlled helicopter.

They also announced that all Call of Duty Add- ons are timed exclusives to the Xbox for the next 3 years.

Next Hideo Kojima came out and showed Metal Gear Rising gameplay which featured fully destructible everything and all of it was able to be sliced with Raiden’s sword. Even people’s bodies.

Gears of War 3 showed 4 player co-op and it took place in a greener enviroment than usual. The co-op seemed interesting and fun. A new mode called beast was also announced with no real details.

Exclusive Crytek game that features swords and close combat announced. No real gameplay shown and they named it Codename Kingdoms.

Finally the Halo Reach singleplayer was shown and while most of the  gameplay was par for the course for a Halo Campaign they ended with a player controlled starship battle around the planet Reach.

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