Microsoft store is listing Kinect as 150 dollars

This is either a major screw up or some sort of sneaky jedi mind trick to get us to think whatever the actual price is is low. The Microsoft store itself is now listing their motion control device as 149.99 US. You can check it here.

I personally think this is too much. With Sony’s product being cheaper by 20 US and Sony’s noted efforts to allow motion controls in as many games as possible. What do you think? Is anyone here interested in either product?

12 thoughts on “Microsoft store is listing Kinect as 150 dollars”

  1. I might be interested in the Move, if the right games get supported. It also helps that the Move only costs 39.99 + the cost of the Eye, which in itself offers features other than just the movement controller itself.

  2. Neither of the products really look that interesting. Sony made a Wii remote and the Kinect really can’t be that responsive and I have a feeling its going to have problems.

  3. What about two players with Move? You might need two sets of controllers. Don’t know if one camera is enough.

    But Kinect supposedly covers atleast two to four players. So the price isn’t all that bad. Plus, in future, I believe that Kinect might be an add on to “enchance your gameplay”, like I’ve stated on forums. Meaning it might just be up for support in any type of games, as long as game makers pick up on it.

    1. This. Its a hefty entry cost, but in the long run its going to save you from buying 4 move controllers, 4 navigation controllers, and an eyetoy. On the Wii’s side things are even worse lol. 4 Wiimotes, 4 nunchucks, and 4 Wii motion+. Although, at this point, Wiimotes and Wii Motion + are sold together.

      But in the end, it depends on what you want to use it for.

  4. From what I saw during E3 the Playstation Move seemed a LOT more fluid than Kinect & that Sorcery game seemed pretty cool, I didn’t see anything from Kinect that interested me, there’s no way I would buy Kinect even if it was cheaper than Playstation Move but the fact that it seems more expensive is just an extra reason for me to not bother with it.

  5. Looks like everyone hates Microsoft for whatever reason. I think the hardware itself is interesting, but too expensive and there aren’t enough games to make me want to buy it right away. It might be fun to play around with when it is cheaper.

  6. $100 would’ve demolished the competition. But i guess MS doesn’t like employing the “Sony Method”. Selling on a loss and making it up on Software. I am a Sony Fanboy btw.

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