Molyneux Thinks Black & White on Kinect Would be “Super Cool”

While Molyneux is most popular for his Fable series, he has developed a variety of titles in the past including the Black & White series. But we have yet to hear anything official about the series since the 2005 sequel.

While Molyneux doesn’t have anything to announce about Black & White today, he believes the title would fit kinetic well. “The original Black & White — with the hand, reaching in and touching and stroking, you can really factor that with Kinect, and it could be really super cool.

Unfortunately, we probably shouldn’t expect a Kinetic title in the series any time soon. Molyneux was quick to to say that it is just a thought he has, not a concrete plan. “The trouble with being a designer now is that there are way too many ideas than there is time to develop those ideas.

(Source: UGO)
(Via: Destructoid)

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