More Proof of Dead Space: Extraction Heading to PSN and XBLA

Dead Space: Extraction didn’t do so hot on Wii. What do you do when a product under performs? Find a way to squeeze money out of it. Well, I guess that’s about the same for any successful game too…

Anyways, it looks like yet another employee leaked the existence of a PSN and XBLA port of the Wii exclusive Dead Space: Extraction. A rendering engineer over at EA listed under experience “Dead Space Extraction XBLA/PSN port (Feb 2010 – Now)” and described the project as “Currently porting the popular Wii title based on EuroCom’s EngineX to XBLA and PSN.”

We have been hearing this rumor for awhile. The first was via a survey, the second time we heard of it came up via a panel where developers answer “keep your ears peeled” to the possiblity of a port.

I think it is pretty much at this point just a matter of time. Hopefully the title will perform well on both HD systems.

(Source: Kotaku)

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