More Wii Party Mini-game Details

1Up got a bunch of details on Nintendo’s upcoming WiiParty title. While they cover some old ground, there is a lot of new mini-games detailed.

Mini-games are seperated in three different sections: Classic Party, which uses more traditional mini-game design, Pair Party, which has 2 on 2 mini-game action, and Living Party, which has more innovative game design like using the Wii mote in your actual enviroment.

You can check out the run down of each announced mini-game after the jump.

Wan Wan Karuta — Players place up to 4 remotes on a table in front of them. An animal is displayed onscreen, and assorted animal sounds are played through the speakers on each remote. You have to pick up the remote making the correct sound before your friends can reach it.
Remote Hide-and-Seek — One player hides the remote somewhere in the room, and the others have to find it, relying on sounds the remote makes for clues.
Sensitive Bomb — The Wiimote becomes a bomb in this game, and players have to carefully pass it around themselves. If you shake the bomb too much (as shown on an onscreen seismograph), the bomb explodes.
Board Game — your standard sort of party game where you roll dice and advance your player along a path.
World Travel (pictured above) — another board game where you must go around the world and take pictures of as many landmarks as possible.
Bingo — A bingo game played with Mii faces instead of numbers.
Compatibility Check — Two players answer a series of questions to see how much their personalities “sync” with each other.
Balance Ship — Another two-player game, this one requires you and a friend to keep a ship upright by running your Miis along the sails.
Swaying Presents — Hold the Wiimote flat and keep it balanced, or else your Mii will drop the great big stack of presents it’s carrying!
High-Speed Bobsled — Two players board a bobsled, working together to go as quickly as possible.
Volley Shoot Match — A soccer goal-kick competition.
Balloon Coaster — Two players board a roller coaster and must point their Wiimotes at onscreen balloons to pop them.
Barrel Battle — Players must run to the goal while jumping over the barrels rolling their way.
Lucky Trolley — A game of luck, with your Mii trying to reach the end of a railway littered with forks and dead ends.
Ski Jumping — As the name suggests.
Gallop Derby — A four-player horse racing game.
Splash Boat — Two Miis must paddle their oars in tandem to navigate their raft down the rapids.
Stop At The Edge — In this game of chicken, the players’ Miis are shown onscreen, each with a barrel suspended above their heads by a chain. You must push a button to send the barrels flying down, then push it again to stop it as close to your Mii’s head as possible without actually crushing the poor guy.
Rear Battle — Your Miis run around a Pac Man-style stage, trying to tag each other from the rear.
Trap Adventure — Players must work together to navigate seesaws and other traps as they try to reach the end of a dungeon.

(Mini-game list: 1Up)

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