Mysterious Mortal Kombat video teases the movie reboot or possibly a game

Today some Live Action footage of what appears to be either a Mortal Kombat movie or game has made it’s way into the tubes.

The video is highly produced feature’s some actual actors and several characters from the series re imagined in a very gritty way. Long gone is the other world mysticism of the prior games. It has been replaced by crazed serial killers and trained assassins. Whatever it is I welcome it in place of the convoluted fiction that the Mortal Kombat series has built up over the years.

I found the video from a re-tweet sent out by Felicia Day.

Video after the jump.

5 thoughts on “Mysterious Mortal Kombat video teases the movie reboot or possibly a game”

    1. After looking into it and reading some other websites it is not fan. The actors playing Sonya and Jacks have been in real stuff. I also think it’s a game. Proximity to E3 and the depth of the character explanations point at that. I also hope said game has FMV!

  1. I do like how they made the bad characters into serial killers, but why is Baraka some Jamaican dude now? However, I think this would work better as a movie than a game. Either way, this looks pretty interesting.

  2. This is actually pretty damn cool, I must say, I like the more realistic take on it (although if they wanted to make Baraka scarier, they failed…dude was terrifying enough as he was). It feels like a lot went into this for it to just be a set-up for a new game, but it doesn’t feel quite like a trailer for a full length movie either…maybe a series of webisodes?

    I’m disappointed in the lack of TOTALLY AWESOME lines like this one, though:

    1. Maybe it’s not setup? Maybe the game has FMV’s. Also you have to remember Warner Bros owns Mortal Kombat now so they have some studios and movie junk. This thing probably had a pretty high budget though. 100K or more atleast.

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