Natal is officially renamed Kinect and they released some early game names

Kinect Adventures – It’s an obstacle course. It also includes a rafting game.

Kinect sports – Wii Sports. But with Kinect.  It includes Boxing, Volleyball, Bowling, Track and Field, Soccer, Tennis.

Kinectimals – Its a cat training simulation. It seems weird to me to have you first game be cat training and not dog training but whatever.

Joyride – It’s a Kart racer made for Xbox live that uses your avatar. Apparently now it also uses Kinect.

Dance Central – A dancing games based on the So You Think You Can Dance TV show.

No pictures were shown and this was originally revealed in USA Today so you can see the audience they are aiming for.

I am completely done with caring about Kinect now until they reveal some sort of game I care about.

(Source: Joystiq)

3 thoughts on “Natal is officially renamed Kinect and they released some early game names”

  1. It’s a bit unprofessional to incorporate your personal opinion into small bits of news like this. If you’re not interested in Natal/Kinect, that’s fine. But either keep it to yourself or save it for an editorial.

  2. I apologize. I am trying to keep the stories interesting with more then just the game names. I can try to seperate my opinion in the stories if you like.

  3. I was impressed by Natal at E3 2009 but this thing won’t make me want to go out and buy an XBOX 360

    thanks Cosmoid for this cool piece of iformation

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