“No Plans” for Final Fantasy XIV on 360…Kind Of

We have seen a slight hint at Final Fantasy XIV heading to Xbox 360, but the games producer, Hiromichi Tanaka, says that “currently there are no plans for a version for the Xbox 360.

But Xbox 360 owners looking forward to a 360 version shouldn’t be discouraged by this. In the same interview he said “we are still talking with Microsoft about an Xbox 360 version.” That sure sounds like a plans of bringing the title to the console to me, especially with Final Fantasy XI already on the platform.

As of right now, only the PS3 and PC version are actually in development. So if the game does come to Xbox 360, it probably wouldn’t see a release until 2011.

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(Source: RPGsite)

2 thoughts on ““No Plans” for Final Fantasy XIV on 360…Kind Of”

  1. Problem is that they never got the 360 FFXI port right, so I’m worried. I heard in the 360 FFXI, there were even some scenes that were not viewable due to it being such a crappy port.

  2. The true issue for why they can’t get FFXIV on the 360 is due to the idea of shared servers. Square-Enix refuses to have a separate server for 360 (and for this I applaud them) but at the same time, Microsoft refuses to allow a shared server with Sony. The reason why FFXI was able to work is because PlayOnline had its own server that all 3 platforms connected to, but FFXIV won’t be using PlayOnline.

    Server might be the wrong word, but for the life of me, I can’t remember the word I’m looking for… but you should get the idea… it boils down to the fact that Microsoft can’t play nice and share.

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