Summer of Zelda for Act Today!

Written info after the break!

Hey SpeedGamer’s community!

We have the opportunity to raise $250,000 for ACT Today through the Pepsi Refresh project. With our community we can easily achieve this goal if we use all of our resources. Starting tonight at midnight we will need everybody to vote each and every day. You are allowed one vote per day. The contest runs from July 1st-August 1.

In order to keep the votes coming in and to be a constant reminder of the contest, we will be putting on a Summer Zelda Blowout, streaming the Zelda series each night starting tonight at Midnight cst. The rest of the schedule will be revealed soon. We will most likely be starting around 5 cst each day (we will work with community members who already have marathons planned).

If we place 1st or 2nd in the contest, our Headquarters dreams will become a reality.

(More details coming soon)

42 thoughts on “Summer of Zelda for Act Today!”

      1. Addendum. This is one of the winners.
        Build a weight room for the Kicking Mules of Bedford High School.
        We can DEFINITELY beat the voting power of a small high school.

  1. Please tell me that there won’t be another Majora’s Mask fail like there was in the early Zelda marathons. :p

    Anyway, this is a fantastic idea. I’ll be applying my vote every day for sure.

  2. We can win this, for we are a Legion.
    Many Minds, Many Hearts, Many Souls.
    One Voice, One Dream, One Goal.
    Together we stand.
    Together we vote.
    We are a Legion. Thus can we win.

    1. Chugga has FB’ed it. I don’t follow Proton on there, so I’m not sure if he’s tweeted or FBed it yet. But making videos… That’s kind of iffy. I mean I’d like those ZOMG WARES CHUGGAA FanZombies to pay us back for all the spam, but…

  3. Sweet! πŸ˜€ I guess the rest of the summer won’t be boring after all.
    And it’s better nightly so you guys won’t pass out for staying up for a month, and getting a coma.
    I’ll cast my vote through Faceboook everyday πŸ™‚

  4. Voted.

    It was weird though, the first time I tried to vote through Facebook it said it was only open to residents of the U.S. but the second time I tried it went through.

    So if it doesn’t work the first time make sure to try again.

  5. This will be epic. I will watch as much as I can! I’ll make sure to promote it! I already know the perfect place over at thespeedgamers’ forums! Oh wait….

  6. i didn’t expect a month of Zelda gaming every evening as the big announcement guess i wont have to be bored when there’s nothing to do πŸ˜›

  7. I’m linkin to the main page at the moment, and wonder if this should be at the “Marathon News” thing at the top… both for category reasons and clarifying things right away for people who just clicked to come in?

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