Rare to make E3 announcement according to a countdown clock.

Mr.Countdown clock has reared his smug mug once again as Rare teases some kind of announcement in seven days.

The website contains very few clues to what it could be about, but there are two messages. An Avatar saying “One in a Million” and another that is simply text saying “rare.co.uk will return shortly”

It seems to be that it is either Avatar related or the cruelest timed website redesign in history.

I am crossing my fingers for Nut’s and Bolt’s 2. What do you guys want to see out of Rare at E3.

(source: 1up)

9 thoughts on “Rare to make E3 announcement according to a countdown clock.”

    1. Psssh. I didn’t really like the N64 games. They were pretty cool. Too much stuff to collect. Also if you don’t take into account that it isn’t what people wanted Nuts and Bolts is a really really good game.

  1. well, if i remember the ending of N&B correctly, hang on


    When Grunty is seen in the LOG’s game factory, she said that it was a bad idea to put her in there. Grunty then said that she can now create her own game to defeat Banjo and Kazooie. so that gives them a perfect opportunity to make a new game. not to mention, LOG was also kind enough to give the bear and bird their old moves back, “in case this game doesnt sell well” as Kazooie put it. give me your opinion on what i just said.

    1. That sounds like it would be fun. I did reaaaally like the vehicle stuff in N&B. I also think perhaps they could do something good with a Banjo Threeie. As long as they get rid of some of those collectibles.

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