Remedy “Definitely” Wants to do an Alan Wake Sequel

Alan Wake made quite a splash. While it didn’t grab as large of an audience as triple franchises, it pulled quite  a fan base. While nothing is in stone right now, it seems entirely possible for the title to receive a sequel. And if that time does come, Remedy, developer of the original Alan Wake, will be ready to start work on the next title.

IGN interviewed with Remedy over the possibilities of a sequel. Remedy  said right now they are focused on the downloadable content for Alan Wake, but if they were to do a sequel they would like to do it relatively soon.

We’re happy with the partnership (for the original title) and they’re happy with the game. I think it fits in their portfolio quite nicely. I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t continue with Microsoft and why we wouldn’t renew the IP…we definitely want a sequel of course.

Sounds like it is up to Microsoft on green lighting a sequel. Let’s hope they feel making one will be worth while.

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