Rumor: 3DS to Feature Visuals Close to 360/PS3

Here are some rumors that contradict previous rumors we had heard before about the 3DS’s power. According to several sources who have talked to IGN, the Nintendo 3DS’s visual power far exceeds Nintendo’s Wii, and comes close to the visual level on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Again, these are just talks from developers. Exactly who said it, we have no idea. So it can either or. Before we heard the system’s visuals were comparable to the Gamecube.

Eurogamer also got up with some inside sources recently that said that Nintendo’s code name for the system is indeed “Nintendo CTR”, which would match up with the leaked board we had saw via the FCC. According to the inside sources, those images were accidentally released 10 months early by the FCC.

Although, both sources from IGN and Eurogamer said that the Nintendo 3DS will not feature the Nvidia Tegra card that it has been rumored to be using.

Again, these are all rumors and are far from confirmed. Nintendo plans on showing off the 3DS at E3, so sit tight.

(IGN Statement Via: GoNintendo)

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