Rumor: Animal Crossing 3DS to be Revealed at E3

Destructoid has heard some inside rumblings about a possible E3 reveal of a new Animal Crossing title on the Nintendo 3DS. According to their sources, Nintendo has been showing off the title to third party publishers as a demo of what the system can do.

They say Nintendo plans on revealing the title on 15th during their E3 briefing, and that the title will be a launch title for the platform.

While 3D animal crossing would be kind of cool, the series has been in need of a bit of a revamping. Animal Crossing: City Folk, while fun, was a lot of the same, almost amounting to an enhanced port of the DS title, Animal Crossing: Wild World.

9 thoughts on “Rumor: Animal Crossing 3DS to be Revealed at E3”

  1. My mother nearly had a fit when I showed her this. [Animal Crossing is the only game she plays and she has played it more than anybody else I have ever met].

  2. My friend likes Animal Crossing too, he has tried to make me like it too, but I don’t find it very interesting.
    Maybe my opinion on AC will change? …

  3. I actually thought about this possibility. They seem to have released one once every three years. Even if it is nothing significantly different from City Folk, having a portable version that is better than what Wild World had to offer is a good thing.

    Although, I haven’t really played too much of City Folk recently. ._.;

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