Rumor: Donkey Kong game being made by Retro Studios for Wii

I have no clue what this could be like. Just as long as it isn’t like the N64 game then I will be happy. I would love to see the studio that successfully imagined Metroid into 3D take on Donkey Kong.

There is no reason for this rumor. This is simply a rumor with absolutely no backing so take that into account.

The image in the corner is just a piece of pop art.


I wanted to apologize for my earlier wording. It was rude I did not mean to say it that way.

5 thoughts on “Rumor: Donkey Kong game being made by Retro Studios for Wii”

      1. Oh I didn’t mean to offend, your wording wasn’t rude at all. D:

        Anyways, I guess I could understand that. It was my first N64 games so I kinda have a bias towards it. I’d love to see a new new DK64 style game on Wii, but yeah collectibles could be toned down a bit. Though I think the series probably needs a new proper 2D platformer first seeing as we haven’t seen one since the SNES days.

  1. It’s just another thing to hype us for E3. but at the same time I hope it’s like the 3 games for SNES. but if it gets cancilled I won’t be sad

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