Rumor: Golden Eye Remake in the Works for Wii

Bear with me on this one. GoNintendo received an anonymous e-mail that a Activision survey revealed that a Golden Eye remake is in the works for the Wii.

The survey reveals that the title will have updated visusals and mechanics to modernize the classic. The survey also makes mention of 8-player online modes and 4-player local modes.

The survey also included a variety of box arts, and what looks to be  a golden Classic Controller Pro and a gun shell for the title.

I would have called this one unlikely if it wasn’t for the fact that an employee over at Activision listed “Golden Eye 2010” on his resume late last year. It was also listed as a Wii exclusive.

Is some one just pulling our leg based off the listing? Or did Activision finally find a way over all the legal issues with the title? There is a chance we may find out this E3. 2010 is this year, so unless it is now Golden Eye 2011, it is bound to be announced soon whatever the project may be. Unless it was canned of course.

13 thoughts on “Rumor: Golden Eye Remake in the Works for Wii”

    1. I hope they bring it into the now. Goldeneye plays super bad now. I really think it’s only merit was that it was pretty good and on a console.

        1. Either way, according to the rumor it is getting modernized. So I think its going to play a lot more like a typical FPS. So whether or not it holds up anymore probably won’t matter lol.

          1. That’s not the point. I like to argue and Sonic is set in his idea’s about the game.

    1. What is different is primarily the control method. To me it has become unbearable to control a full up and down look shooter on an N64 control pad. The play style is much more similar to a Doom which I have more fun going through the singleplayer of that now than Goldeneye. Modern shooters now are focused on leveling up and using perks rather then the raw same level deal that you got with the more traditional deathmatch games such as Quake 3 or Doom. I believe doom holds up as something different that is still worthwhile to play because of it’s exclusion of up and down look. Goldeneye can’t hold a candle to Quake 3 on PC for deathmatch and was surpassed on consoles by Halo: Combat Evolved which has the same level pick up weapons in the field style of play and does it better.

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