Rumor: More GoldenEye 2010 Details; Due Out This November

After yesterday’s little survey about a possible remake of the N64 classic, Golden Eye, Eurogamer did a bit of digging. Through some inside sources, they were able to find out some more details about the development and the intended announcement of the title.

First off is that the development is being handled by two different teams. European studio Eurocom, who worked on 007 Night Fire last generation and the Wii exclusive Dead Space Extraction, and US studio N-Space, who has previously worked on Geist for the Gamecube (shameless advertising is shameless) and the Call of Duty titles for the Nintendo DS, are both splitting up duties for the title.

According to Eurocom’s sources, Activision plans on revealing the Golden Eye 2010 at this E3 and then plans on launching the game this November.

CVG asked Rare if they had any involvement with the project. Rare answered, “I can confirm that currently Rare are not working on a new Golden Eye game.” Seeing as the title is a Wii exclusive and Rare is owned by Microsoft, it is no surprise Rare is not involved.

Either way, it sounds like it could potentially be pretty cool. We will have to wait till E3 to see if the title is actually real. And if it is, if it looks up to snuff with other upcoming Wii Shooters like Conduit 2 and The Grinder.

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    1. It has been awhile since I’ve played it. I remember it being pretty cool though. I have the disc around here somewhere… I’ll have to see if I can get it running on my computer lol.

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