Sakurai attempting to makes shooters more accessable

Sakurai, creator of the Super Smash Bros. Franchise, is now working on the return of Kid Icarus as a shooter on the 3DS. He wants to address what he see’s is a staleness in the shooter genre. He thinks that the control methods of first person shooter’s and the gameplay have become a template to swap out art and story. You can find the interview with Sakurai here.


7 thoughts on “Sakurai attempting to makes shooters more accessable”

    1. Well. Smash Bros wasen’t really easy. I think he means more of a simple control method thats easy to understand. The only thing Smash Bros did was remove combos and make moves the same for everyone and easy to pull off.

  1. Thanks for stealing my witty comeback Masa -_-.

    But seriously, I know STG’s get a lot of hate for being stagnent, but isn’t the fact that they are fun more important? (Unlike Brawl…)

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