SEGA Keeping as Many Tie-ins as Possible with Phantasy Star Portable 2

Phantasy Star Portable 2 has tons of ties-ins with other companies in Japan. Famitsu, Vocaloids, Fate/Stay Night,  Pizza Hut, and more tie-ins are present in the title. But the last Phantasy Star title, Phantasy Star Zero, lost almost all of its tie in items during localization, aside from a few gaming magazines.

SEGA is trying to make sure that won’t be the case this time around. SEGA is trying to preserve all of the items. And those that can’t be kept are being reskined as new content.

While SEGA didn’t have any specific details on what items stayed, they did announce plans on how they are replacing those items that can’t be brought over. Famitsu is being exchanged for a North American and European Magazine, and the Japanese Idol bikini posters (which SEGA actually tried to keep in the title) were replaced fan art from a contest they held.

As of right now, SEGA is still trying to keep some of the more anime related items like the Fate/Stay Night and Evangelion equipment. You can also find those after the jump.

No mention of trying to keep Pizza Hut gear. :<

(Source: Siliconera)

The anime tie-in armor have not been confirmed for the localized version, but may appear in the final game. The posters, however, are for the localized version.

(Anime Tie-in armor source: Siliconera)

2 thoughts on “SEGA Keeping as Many Tie-ins as Possible with Phantasy Star Portable 2”

  1. Yeah, I imported the Japanese version of PSP2. I don’t have any plans on switching to the US version for multiplayer, but I’ll at least be getting it for the story. While things like the bikini models really aren’t a deal breaker for me, I’d rather not have anything removed at all. And in that light, I’ll just keep on learning bits and pieces of katakana so I can keep playing and understanding the game as best I can.

    Still, glad to see Sega’s at least trying this time. So many times they’ve just dropped the content altogether. Made me a little angry, frankly.

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