Slim Xbox 360 revealed, dated, and priced

The slim Xbox 360 now has a price and has been detailed fully. It will feature built in Wi-Fi, a 250 GB hard drive, and is compatible with Kinect.

The shipping date is today and it should be available later this week.

They also pulled an Oprah and gave everyone in the room at the conference a slim right then and there.

10 thoughts on “Slim Xbox 360 revealed, dated, and priced”

  1. I’m going to buy this. I don’t have a 360, and everything they showed in the conference kinda impressed me. Sure, they ripped some things from nintendo, but they spun it in their own way. (Only a little bit though. xD)

  2. Still seems rather pointless. It’s built by Microsoft, which means it’s most likely going to RROD, and it’s slim, less places for heat to escape. Only thing that seems to be worth buying it for is the Hard drive. Im glad I didn’t keep my 360, now the original is becoming obsolete. Just like Microsoft usually does, look at Windows XP, almost all support for it is gone.

    1. Meeeeeeooooooow! Bringing out the venom. I dunno. It might, but XP is 2 operating systems behind their current so I can understand why they might take away support. I want one because my current Xbox is all loud. I have to install every game so that it does not make terrible noises.

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