Sonic Colors Nintendo Power Details Round-Up

I don’t have a Nintendo Power subscription, but around the net some info has been floating around for Sonic Colors. While I think I’ve pretty much grabbed most of the big info about Sonic Colors, but there are still screen shots in Nintendo Power magazine. So if you are dying to see some in-game shots, pick up the latest Nintendo Power! Or wait till Sega releases some for the internet to consume.

This is probably going to be a fairly lengthy post, so you can find the details after the jump.

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As we have heard before, Dr. Robotnik has a massive floating amusement park where is holding aliens capture. But what we didn’t know is this amusement park is made up of different planets which Robotnik pulled from their orbit via a tractor beam. Sonic will have to visit these various planets to save the aliens.

Players will choose different planets to go to via a world-map screen. Occasionally, there will be a choice of going to different planets in a different order. So far, SEGA has revealed two planets, or rather zones, including the Tropical Resort Zone which has neon lights, water fountains, spotlights, and a giant Ferris wheel that gets turned into a robot. The other zone is Sweet Mountain, which has giant donuts, pancakes, and other foods.

Throughout these zones you will find different color wisps. These wisps act as power ups for Sonic.  If you grab a yellow wisp, Sonic will be able to drill through the ground or speed through water using it. A green wisp changes sonic into a laser that will allow him to speed through, and destroy, enemies. The laser can also be used for teleporting, by using the power up by antennas that will transfer you to different sections of the level. The team is currently considering 7 or 8 power ups to be in the final game for the Wii version. All of them will activate by a simple flick of the Wii Remote.

The DS will have some exclusive power ups, including a red wisp that can be used to create fire balls, boost Sonic, or ignite rocket platforms.

In both versions, the power ups will only last for so long. Nintendo Power says each power up only lasts around 10 seconds. Although you have to be careful with timing, some of the power ups will have negative effects in some situations. For example, if your drill power up runs out while you are underground, Sonic dies.  Thankfully, there is a gauge that shows you how much time the power up has left. So you can plan ahead accordingly. There is some reward to the risk though. Aside from essential actions, hidden paths can also be found for those who experiment with wisps.

From Nintendo power’s time with the game, they had a few other details. The game has an upbeat and jazzy soundtrack, and the demoed levels ran at a smooth frame rate. One other random detail was a control detail in the Wii verison, where players could drift by tilting the nun-chuck.

In the demo Nintendo Power played, the 3D perspective sections focused more on speed, where the 2.5D sections focused on platforming. The demo level they played was about 70% 2.5D sections.

The Wii and DS games are going to be very different. The Wii version plays a lot more like the day time levels of Sonic Unleashed, while the DS game plays a lot more like the Sonic Rush series. Each version will have their own unique boss battles, but bosses from the over version wll appear in the background of the other version. So if you fight a boss in the Wii version, you will see him in the background in the DS version, and vice  versa.

The DS version will have a different story from the Wii version, along with globe-like boss battles. The development team even hinted at the inclusion of Knuckles and Shadow in the DS version.While its not confirmed for either version yet, the team is looking into what multiplayer may offer for both versions.

While they didn’t talk anymore about the game itself, the team did talk a bit about the development. The team wanted to keep Sonic’s speed, but while adding something fresh to the gameplay. Hence where the wisps come in. Despite them being power ups, they can be used while Sonic is still moving. Where in past games, the new gameplay styles clashed with Sonic’s speed.

SEGA is trying to reestablish Sonic’s traditional gameplay experience with the more recent entries of the game. Hence why we are seeing a lot of focus on constant speed in both Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and Sonic Colors.

Sonic Colors is looking at a Holiday release for both Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Let’s hope it appeals to everyone’s tastes.

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