Sony Bundles HDMI Cables and Little Big Planet With 250GB PS3 Just for Your Dad

Fathers Day is later this month. What do you do for a gift? Get a PlayStation 3 for him, of course! Sony is launching a special Father’s Day bundle. Within includes your standard 250 GB set, but you will also get yourself a lovely copy of Little Big Planet: GOTY Edition and a HDMI cable. All for the normal $349.99 price point.

Deal? No deal? I’m not sure. HDMI cables are pretty cheap nowadays, and Little Big Planet is as well. Plus, the sequel is on the horizon too which pretty much contains an upgraded version of the first game too.

Oh well, it is still free stuff if you planned on getting a PS3 with a 250GB Harddrive anyways.

(Source: Kotaku)

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