Sony has “No Plans” for 3D PSP

Nintendo 3DS was all the rage at E3. And with rumors that Sony will be presenting the PSP2 at Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show, we have to wonder if Sony will be coming in with a 3D portable system of their own.

Sony pushed 3D at E3 really hard on the home console front, with titles like Kill Zone 3 supporting 3D. But as for the PSP, Sony’s Scott Rohde says that there are “no plans.” “We just chose to focus on the big 3D in the home. Again as you pointed out, as a larger corporate initiative, it’s important to us to push that out there and be on the bleeding edge of it. That’s the focus for this show.

Of course, this is just their answer for now. Don’t be too surprised if come Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show, if the rumors are true, that they announce the PSP2 also has glasses free 3D.

(Source: Industry Gamers)
(Via: Destructoid)

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