Sony Press Conference

Sony’s conference was oddly paced, but they started off with 3D. Announcing that they will have 20 3D enabled titles by march 2011.

After the cavalcade of 3D gaming info they dove straight into their premiere 3D title, Killzone 3. The demo included the same great shooting experienced in Killzone 2 and also went into the newest addition which is the jetpack. The jetpack changes the gameplay considerably making most cover use obsolete and causing the game to become a whole lot more offensively based.

The game is set to release frebuary 2011.

It will also come fully compatible with the Sony Move controller.

Motor Storm Apocolypse, Sly collection, GT5 all in 3D. Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, ShaunWhite Skateboarding, Tron, NBA 2K11 will all be in 3D as well.

Next they started naming off Move games that will also be 3D. They named Eyepet, Tumble (appears to be similar to Boom Blox), The Fight and MLB 10 The Show.

Next they started to show off using The Move to play some games. The first game designed from the ground up for The Move was Sorcery. Sorcery is an action adventure game where you play a sorcerer. You have a group of spells and potions with all kinds of effect that you can use differently based on the ways you use the Move wand. They also showed to drink a potion you have to shake it and act as if you are drinking it. The game seemed interesting and could be a genuinely fun game.

The next game they demoed was the Move control for Tiger Woods. Very similar to other motion controlled golf games, but more accurate looking with better 1 to 1 motion.

They then showed a 3rd game without demoing it. It’s a crossover of 2 worlds that is played using the Move. It’s a platformer and it includes Ratchet, Clank, Sly, Bently, Jak, and Daxters. The worlds looked like a combination of all three.

They then announced the very reasonable prices for the move. The wand alone cost’s 50 US, The Bundle Including Sports Champions, the wand, and the camera is 100 US. The full console bundle is 400 us. It will be available in Europe on the 15th and the US on the 19th.

They showed a montage that included the following. Fight,  Sports champion. Start the Party.  Singstar dance. Eyepet. TV superstars, SOCOM 4. Time crisis. The Shoot. RE5, Aragorns quest. Tron. Sorcery.

There was the announcment that the kid from Rolemodels is the new PSP spokesperson.

They showed several party sort of games both topdown and sidescrolling. They eventually showed a reel of all kinds of games such as an RTS and a top down racer.

They then officially announced the details of their for pay service. Most of the additions are early demos, beta access, and free downloadable games.

It cost’s 17.99 for 3 months and 49.99 for a full year. They are offering a free three months as well. As far as the free games go you only own them for the duration of your subscription.

EA announced exclusive special edition of Medal of Honor and Dead Space 2.

The Dead Space 2 version includes the Move enabled version of Extraction and the Medal of Honor version includes a remastered Medal of Honor: Frontlines.

The Portal suprise is that it will be available on the PS3 with some steam features like steam cloud also available on that version.

2K games Mafia 2 will have exclusive PS3 missions as will Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

Gran Turismo 5 trailer and it will be available November 2 2010.

The infamous 2 trailer shows a militia like group as well as monsters and ice powers. It seems to take place in a New Orleans esque area.

They finished off with a huge suprise. The reboot of Twisted Metal being headed by the series creator David Jaffe. It looks insane and they have added air combat as well as an objective based mode with factions. Cars do not seem like they are attached to a specific person all the time because in some modes you can be one persona and drive any car.

The objective mode they showed was called Nuke and requires you to capture the opposing leader and sacrifice them in order to earn a middle that you have to try and get to ram into a giant statue while avoiding bullets. Once you hit the opposing statue 3 times you can destroy it for good.

3 thoughts on “Sony Press Conference”

  1. I thought they were shoving the 3d down our throats the whole confrence.
    Although, Twisted Metal and Killzone look suprisingly epic.
    I’m not going to get the sony move, it looks like it costs too much.

      1. Accurate, yes, but I’m just confused as to why it’s taken them so long to come out with it, the wii might not be the most accurate thing in the world, but at least it’s original.
        Plus, I think Ps3 is more for hardcore gamers, the only game that will utilize the sony move well on the ps3 is sorcery, and that itself is a copy off of Harry Potter.
        And, the wiimote is pretty acurrate, I also think it looks more appealing than the Sony move.

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