Square-Enix Considering Final Fantasy V and VI Remakes on 3DS

Final Fantasy III and IV remakes on the Nintendo DS were pretty popular. So what stopped them from releasing Final Fantasy V and VI on the platform? Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light is probably to blame for that. But Square-Enix said a couple of months ago that technical issues” kept the remakes from releasing on DS.

At E3 Square-Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto had quite a different answer for Siliconera. “As you saw from Nintendo’s press conference yesterday, there is new hardware coming out. We knew that was coming. We had to make decisions understanding that there were hardware changes in the near future and where want to put our resources.

Siliconera pressed whether or not the remakes would be made on Nintendo 3DS. Hashimoto replied, “No decision has been made. Rather than creating [Final Fantasy] V or VI for the current DS we want to take a look to see how 3DS does, how it evolves, and then make a decision.

5 thoughts on “Square-Enix Considering Final Fantasy V and VI Remakes on 3DS”

    1. He didn’t do the Advance port so he’s probably not going to work on this one either if it comes. Besides, what would be the point of translating the same person translating the same game twice?

      I love the work that Matrix has done, I hope they do these remakes too.

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