Super Mario World on the 3DS? Miyamoto says maybe

In a recent interview the man behind one of the most prolific videogame franchises of all time hinted at the possibility of a Super Mario World 3D.  He hinted at how it would be cool to “use the depth and the sense of distance offered by 3D visual on the world map and on the maps in that game, so that you have Bullet Bills flying at you from a distance and popping up off the screen.”

The interviewer then asked if that was a hint and Miyamoto responded “I don’t know maybe! (laughs)”

In my pantheon of Mario games my favorites go Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario World, Galaxy, and Sunshine. Super Mario World being so high on my list makes this a very exciting possibility for me. What other old Nintendo games would you like to see re-vamped for the 3DS?

14 thoughts on “Super Mario World on the 3DS? Miyamoto says maybe”

  1. I’d kind of like to see an old school FPS, like a graphically revamped Doom 1 just to see how it would work. And Yoshi’s Island. The bosses growing big when Kamek hits them would have a new pop with the 3rd dimention.

  2. I’d love to see Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest revamped to 3D. It might not be the most action packed Castlevania game, but it’s monsters and setting seem ideal.

  3. Yoshi’s Island 3DS maybe?

    Though it’s glad that they’re bringing back World. Nice to see not EVERYONE has forgotten it after findign it dissapointing compared to 3 (which is a lie).

  4. OoT for 3DS is going to be pretty sweet as well! I’m glad they are bringing back some old school games. Hopefully Super Mario World will join that collection!

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