Tales Studio Nearing Bankruptcy

I always thought the Tales franchise was doing well, minus the lack of some localizations, but it seems like that may not be the case. According to Tales Studio’s recent financial report, they had a annual lost of 1 million dollars.

That may not sound too bad, but the team has apparently now built up a debt of 21 million dollars. I doubt Namco Bandai would let the Tales series die, but I’m not sure if they will be willing to support the developers.

(Source: SankakuComplex) (Somewhat NSFW)
(Via: GoNintendo)

7 thoughts on “Tales Studio Nearing Bankruptcy”

  1. I just started playing the Tales series in November last year. I’ve only played ToS1 & 2. And now I’m buying ToP. I HUNGRY for more Tales games. I don’t want to just die like that. 🙁

  2. NOOOOO ive loved these games for a long time i put in over 100 hours in ToS2 in about a year and beaten it like 5 times 🙁 I need the series to continue

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