Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix director, to be at E3.

The man of many belts is on his way to LA for E3 next week. Twitter outed him when Shinji Hashimoto tweeted “Next week, after a long time, Director Nomura will go on a business trip to E3”.

This is pretty exciting. We could see all kinds of announcements from FF13 versus stuff to maybe finally announcing an actual Kingdom Hearts 3.

This doesn’t confirm any of these announcements but we can always dream. There is always the possibility of Microsoft pulling another FF13 on us with versus.

(Source: Destructoid)

13 thoughts on “Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix director, to be at E3.”

    1. I may have my beefs with the Kingdom Hearts games. But I seriously dig disney + action RPG. I could do without the Final Fantasy stuff. But I understand the apeal.

  1. I’m hoping for some news on Versus and Agito (Why do people always leave Agito out…?) more than any KH stuff, since it seems unlikely KHIII announced. Though we’ll see some mention of KHIII, and maybe an announcement of one of the other two KH games that are in production (Especially since Nomura said he wants one of them released by the end of the year).

    1. Probably because we have seen even less of Agito then we have of Versus. And honestly, it was originally announced as a mobile game. Way to build hype day one lol.

  2. I can’t imagine he’ll reveal anything new. Square Enix, Nomura especially, usually caters to the Japanese audience and every reveal usually comes to them like a year before we hear anything. I assume he’s just there to show off BBS and confirm Versus coming over here.

  3. actually, here is something interesting that was said on the kingdom hearts wiki on March 24th, “he stated that there will be three new Kingdom Hearts games in the near future. Two of these will be spin-offs to the main series, and the third will be the long awaited Kingdom Hearts III! That’s right, all of you fan-fiction-creating fans, it has finally been announced! Even better, Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Kingdom Hearts III will not be the end of the Kingdom Hearts series; there will be much more to come! One of the two spin-offs is expected to be released this year, but Kingdom Hearts III will not be released until Final Fantasy Versus XIII is released, the current project of Nomura’s team.”

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