The King Returns to Xbox 360

The Burger King games for the Xbox 360 looked awesome. I never actually got to play them. But if I had an Xbox 360, they would be some of the first games to make it into my library.

Now it looks like Burger King is doing at least one more title, this time Kinetic compatible! While there aren’t any other details at this point, Burger King’s chief of marketing is starting to pump up the releases. “During this year’s promotion, our guests can look forward to an even greater adventure that will stimulate the imaginations of gamers and entertainment-lovers of all shapes and sizes.

(Source: Kotaku)

3 thoughts on “The King Returns to Xbox 360”

  1. “Use Kinect to simulate actually hiding behind a bush like a stalker with a plate of burgers ready to creepily hand them out to passers-by!” Best. Marketing. Ever.

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