The Last Story Development Extended

The Last Story’s development has pretty much been in the final stretch since the day it was announced. But it seems that we still may have a ways to go till we see the Wii exclusive on store shelves. Mistwalker Studios has found that the project is taking a little longer than expected. So, essentially, the title being delayed. But we didn’t know  a date in the first place, so oh well.

From Sakaguichi’s tweet, it sounds like the time is going to be put into tuning up the battle system a bit and making sure its as enjoyable as possible.

Right now, the team is really pushing a feature that allows you to redirect enemy focus. Refocusing enemies can move them away from your mages while your melee characters take the hits, so the mages can safely cast spells without being interrupted.  On paper it sounds sort of unintresting and done before, especially in MMORPGs. But it could just be we need to see how its executed in some gameplay.

Hopefully, at E3, we will get some gameplay and a confirmation for a NA and EU localization.

(Source: Siliconera)

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