The Last Story Famitsu Scans and More Details

The Wii exclusive RPG, The Last Story, has been pushed back a bit, but on the bright side we have some more details and scans from this weeks Famitsu magazine.

The male main character, that we have already seen a few times, is known as Elza. He lost his family as a child. He eventually became a mercenary, but dreams of becoming a knight. The female main character name is Kanan. Not much is known about her, but Famitsu speculates she is of high class based off her dress.

While not detailed in the text itself, based on the screenshots it looks like you will have up to five members in your party. You will only have full control over Elza though. The other four members are all CPU controlled.

You will have to use Elza though to help keep weaker members safe. Early on in the game, Elza learns a move called “Gathering” which allows him to redirect the focus of enemies onto himself. So mages and other weaker units can act safely. The power also plays a part in the story, as it is a mysterious power only Elza has.

The Last Story currently has a 2010 release window and no NA or EU announcement yet. Again, maybe at E3.

(Source: andriasang)

Like everyone has Selkie hair from Crystal Chronicles.

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