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Our community is what makes TheSpeedGamers . Over the past 2 years we have grown to heights that I didn’t think I would ever see.  Now I see clearly that we have no ceiling, the sky is the limit.

I am wrapping up my degree and will graduate this December. Running marathons out of my parent’s house will not be an option soon.  Finding a new home for TheSpeedGamers has been my goal for the past year.  I’ve gone over several ideas, considered several scenarios and consulted many people.

I want to create a gaming haven where people can come and compete, play games and hang out.  A place where our marathons can be viewed and even be taken part in. This place I’m describing of course is TheSpeedGamer’s Headquarters.

During non-marathon hours the Headquarters will function very similar to a console LAN center. I want to emphasize SIMILAR because we don’t want to be branded simply as a LAN, it will be more than that. The Headquarters will be a celebration of gamers that culminates when we reach our quarterly marathons. Gaming for charity is the focus of TheSpeedGaners and the Headquarters will further enhance that.

In between marathons we will also host tournaments and nightly shout casts that will be broadcast on our Headquarters stream. Call this ambitious, but I want TheSpeedGamer’s Headquarters to be THE PLACE for competitive console gaming. We aim to be a 7 day a week business with extended hours on the weekend and marathon events.

To get started we have calculated that we will need approximately $50,000. That would keep us running for about a year. You can keep track of our progress and contribute by viewing the chipin widget on our homepage. We will take down the chipin widget the week leading up to our marathons so that it does not get confused with any of the charities we are raising money for.

First off, I want to make it clear that we will NOT be doing any marathons to help raise funds for the HQ. We feel our marathons are best left as charity only events.  We have several fundraising ideas that we think can help us reach our goal in a reasonable time.

1.       Inside the HQ will be a wall dedicated to our donors. You can purchase a part of this wall and be a permanent piece of the HQ’s legacy. You can put anything (as long as it’s appropriate) in the space you buy. Price and dimensions will be specified next week. If you donate now you can use that donation to purchases your portion of the wall next week.

2.       We will offer memberships in the first quarter of 2011. This will allow community members that aren’t able to visit the Headquarters have their presence felt. With your membership you can compete in online tournaments with players in the Headquarters. Also, members will accumulate points through tournaments wins, promotion, art contests and other various ways. Inside the headquarters will be a scoreboard that will display the point leaders. Once again reiterating the ability to have an impact on what goes on inside the Headquarters.

-You will also have access to a membership exclusive chat during the marathon. You’re not constrained to this chat, but only members will have access to the chat. Goodbye spam, well unless Kmmgreen buys a membership, then welcome to troll city.

-You forum color will be offset to specify your status.

-We also have more technical ideas that we want to explore and make sure they’re reasonable before announcing.

-What else would you like to see implemented into the membership? Discuss here

Pricing for memberships coming soon

Right now we have only a general timetable for the Headquarters. We will assess where we are at in about 3-4 months and set a concrete goal. If we are not able to meet our expectations and our plans fall through, we will do what we do best and donate the money we have raised to charity.

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    1. If I might add… I’ve known for a long, long time now that TSG was going to be a huge deal in the future. I’ve watched you guys since the very first Zelda marathon, where Chase would take the mic for hours at a time and mispronounce everyone’s names due to pure lack of sleep. :p It’s fabulous to see that my prediction has come true — you have a truly ambitious project ahead of you, and I will do my best to donate and spread the word. It looks like I have a long car trip ahead of me in the future. 😉

  1. I like the idea to include in international members as much as possible! ^^

    I’m buying a membership, fo sho! <3

    Can't wait to hear more about this and see how it will progress with time… but until now, I'm loving it! Keep going! <3

  2. I 100% believe in these lunatics, and I hope you all do too. I know $50,000 is a lot but remember these guys have done a LOT for the charities. I think it’s time we give a little back! Additionally, just think of how much MORE they could raise for charity with a live audience and an even bigger community. TSG HQ will be even better for the charities in the long run, so if you can help out, please do!

    And yes, I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

    1. I’m just glad they’re giving us a chance to help them directly. I voiced my furstrations a few weeks ago about how close knit the group can be and how I want to directly contribute to TSG as a cause, not just the charities. I guess they knew that already 😉

  3. $50,000 is very possible in 3-4 months. I am also very glad to hear that there may be a speedrunning thing for members also (I suck at most competitive multiplayer games). I am looking forward to seeing this become a reality.

  4. This sounds interesting.
    I really like the Donator Wall idea.
    I know that this is just the beginning and
    more details will come soon, so I guess I’ll just wait and see.

  5. OH THANK GOD THE CHIPIN WILL BE HERE FOR A WHILE! I’m completely tapped out from Mario and I can’t do anything till all my bills are paid and the checkbook is balanced.

    Brain is numb, I can’t think of good ideas to offer yet. I’m sure that will come later in the forum. But I do have some ideas for the Donator’s Wall 😀

    “Bought for Jack Thompson, because Jack Thompson wouldn’t.” (not gonna happen, but funny to think about.)
    “In Memory of Gunpei Yokoi.” Maybe some others.

  6. OH OH! I know! We could get a whole group of people together to buy several smaller sections in a row and list all 151 Gen 1 pokemon in Pokedex order!

  7. I think people should look at this as a way for them to raise more money for charities, simply put, they will be able to do a lot more with a HQ then they would being confined in one house.

  8. This is the point where TSG will take a Global Position in the gaming world. Their presence will be felt wherever they go, and this is one step closer to realize that dream. I have some birthday money and I feel like I should donate some of it to you guys. I SUPPORT YOU 1 BILLION PERECENT!

  9. “-You will also have access to a membership exclusive chat during the marathon. You’re not constrained to this chat, but only members will have access to the chat. Goodbye spam, well unless Kmmgreen buys a membership, then welcome to troll city.” LOL!

  10. This is beyond awesome. Every paycheck I will donate 🙂 I’m very excited about this and really hope I can help! Hopefully will be able to visit the HQ also when it’s ready 😉

  11. Woah, this is such a great idea. I have not seen anything like this before and definitely will become a member. I won’t be able to visit the HQ though.

  12. If it looks close to what the pictures display, then this could be a tourist stop. It sounds like something alot of people would travel to see and go play in marathons. You’ve got a really good idea going and im with you guys all the way!

  13. Saw this comin 😛
    Live audience and LAN center, nice. Hope you meet your goal! You can count me in to be there sometime for a little LANing or sayin’ hello. It’s a good idea.
    If you aren’t very close by the time your Castlevania Marathon comes around (I wouldn’t burn it on the AC/PoP one), I’m hoping there’ll be an option to make TSG the charity of choice for people voting on what charity that marathon is for, or else like an extra FF marathon, so that you can be sure to have given it your best shot that way. I can understand the avoidance of that, though.
    Anyway, everyone remember, this is just a bridge for TSG to be able to do *more* good stuff, and even if they can’t make it that far, your donation is still gonna go to charity! Which makes it like the best possible time/way to send anything.

  14. Fantastic idea! While I was reading this, I kept imagining in my head what it would look like, based on the pictures you showed. Just the thought of it is so awesome. If it were anyone else trying to pull off something like this, I’d be unsure, but this is TSG we’re talking about here! I have very high confidence in you guys, and I’m sure in time, this will all become a reality. I’ll drop in some donations to the TSG Headquarters Fund here and there to help out. 😀 And I’ll be sure to keep enough set aside to buy a membership.

    Good luck you guys, I know you can do it!

  15. Fifty thousand? In that period of time? With those incentives? Is there any doubt you’ll make it?

    In any case, “TheSpeedGamer’s Headquarters” is singular possessive, plural possessive would be “TheSpeedGamers’ Headquarters”. I doubt you would want the singular (there are a lot of you. Not that it would be strictly incorrect, but fragmenting your group’s name like that doesn’t look right anyway), so I’m just mentioning this to make sure you don’t go and register a typo as a business name or something. Don’t mind me. :3

    Nice call, raising money for the HQ while there are no marathons going on. Doing a marathon for it would defeat the purpose of TheSpeedGamers to an extent and would probably hurt your credibility.

    And Kmmgreen isn’t that bad, is he? 🙁

    1. This. I’ve noticed that. It’s similar to “Trix are for kids!”, which should be “Trix IS for kids”. “Trix” is singular, like “Raisin Bran”. (Oh, now I have a craving for cereal…)

  16. Great idea Britt, but I personally still support my tower idea.

    Only thing is, I’m unable to donate, which really sucks considering all of the benefits that donators get, but oh well. I’m fine with that as long as at least some people stick around in the main chat during marathons to keep me company.

  17. I less-than-three this idea, however I urge you to proceed cautiously. Allowing anyone and everyone into your establishment could be a real nightmare. There’s risk of theft, fistfights (from those who take the game too seriously), insurance claims, property damage, etc. I’d treat it like a full-fledged business if I were doing something similar. Why not include some arcade cabinets, such as a NeoGeo? Those type of machines were designed for abuse that a $50 360 controller can’t take. Have a selection of vending machines available. Don’t open up a snack bar, or else you will have to deal with health inspectors and such. Having vending machines frees you from that. Throw some Rock Band competitions in there, or some Street Fighter tournaments. Buy and sell used games and hardware. If you have consumer traffic in your HQ, give them an incentive to come back to spend more money any way possible. Just some thoughts to help keep your dreams from being destroyed by one ill-willed individual or two….



  18. I gotta say this is looking to be awesome, the comments do have some great points and tips you guys should heed. I just hope no matter how big things get, that everyone still stays in your mind during the big picture, but knowing you guys it will.

  19. So totally supported forever. <3

    Hopefully, all the issues regarding the implementation of the plan will dissolve with time. If not, then we shall persuade them with stinky trout. 😀

  20. man this feel like an awesome but this seem to…much extremewe will need a lot of money and you guys need to think about alot of thing to make this possible but i know we can do it i’ll try to donate as much as i can

  21. This is an awesome thing and great for gamers, but it seems kinda scary since the format of marathons that we’ve come to love will be changing. It will work out for the best, but the change will take some getting used to.

    Good luck guys!

  22. I can’t wait for this! Even being in Canada, I hope I can ship myself down to where the headquarters will be built one day to enjoy it first hand!
    Going to start designing a wall space I will try to buy! 8D
    Good luck you guys!

  23. TSG just keeps growing and growing with a hq i can tell there’s going to be alot more community gaming events then ever before that everyone can be a part of :D!!

  24. i would love to see this happen and maybe one day go down there to see it and ill donate as much as i can although it wont be much but this sound like a wonderful idea so there would be more fan interaction

  25. This is an amazing idea, not only to make life easier for the speed gamers, but you will definitely be more well known throughout your community. This could be the one thing you guys need to really get people to know who you are. I definitely need to plan a trip to Texas when i get in college for a good time of gaming. Sorry if this was too long, I’m just a little excited.

  26. This is by far one of the most epic things I’ve seen. It’s a great idea to finally have an official place for the Speed Gamers. I also like the idea of members being able to be a part of things (tournaments and the such) even if they can’t physically be at the headquarters. Keep up the good work and good luck with getting what you need to get this started.

  27. wow first off Congratz on that Degree now TSG will not be stoped until there are not enough people to continue it which I hope we will not reach,The TSG HQ is a great idea if I could Wifi and have a Web cam or some sourt I could Go Compete in the Kingdom Hearts portion I would own people In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
    TSG FTW!

  28. Why does the HQ look like it’s in the middle of the Old West? Are you guys going to be stealing my horses again? ;>_> Otherwise, it seems like a pretty neat idea ^^ I had a few questions, but most of them have been cleared up. Just hope you guys are able to raise enough money 😀

  29. Wow its so awesome to see you guys are growing and really taking off. It’s refreshing to see something become successful from doing good deeds.

    Can’t wait to become a TSG Premium Member. The tournaments really interest me and having a ladder system for participating in the community.

    Keep up the great work guys, very exciting.

  30. You should be able to get all the support you need. I always thought it would be cool to open a game place sort of like Nintendo World but my town is too small. The work you do for charity is awesome and the marathons just get better. I wished I lived nearer so I could see the Headquarters when it happens–it will happen!

  31. Another little idea for y’all 😛
    I notice people in marathons get excited when “when we get another $100, we’ll do this”, for example.
    You may not be doing a marathon for this (or even have the same size audience), but that principle still has its same power!
    For example, “whoever sends the most by Friday will get to decide what game we play on camera”, or maybe pick a stunt for you to do, etc
    And if I had money, for example, I’d send for you to play some super hard ROMhack (custom level) of Super Mario, because those are always fun to watch 😛 (Combining gaming *with* pain!)

  32. i would love to be a part of all this, its for a great cause and the fact that you are involving us more often, whenever i can i will give whatever i can find towards the new HQ

  33. I live in California and I think everyone lives in many different states, countries, and continents. The question is how will you make everyone happy if they have to keep flying just to play games and interact with others without paying the airlines or gas???

    1. I agree with this. I’m stuck here in the UK. With HQ being JUST in Texas, only people who live nearby or who can afford to fly over can take part. With TSG being online, it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere, as long as they tune in at the right time (which is still usually pretty obscure for those outside the US. >.>) . This is why I would prefer if the TSG stayed online ONLY; that way, everyone can benefit from everything. Having the HQ and ‘premium memberships’ only differentiates us into ‘those who can be there’ and ‘those who can’t’. It would split the community into those with enough money or locality to have the majority of the fun, and those who have neither.

      As cool at TSG HQ sounds, and as much as I’d love to take part in it and such, I don’t think it’s the right way to go to keep everyone happy and to keep TSG at the top of their game. (pun intended)

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