THQ teases more details about Red Faction: Armageddon.

You play has Darius Mason who is the grandson of Alex Mason and Samanya from the first game. It takes place 50 years after the end of the original game and the surface is now uninhabitable. Darius unwittingly releases armageddon, presumably in the form of the aliens mentioned in the trailer, He has the Nano-forge ability that Alex had and can also use it to rebuild things. Runs on the same engine as the last game and features the new Magnet Gun which does exactly what it’s name implies. We do not have specific dates but the release window they are giving is March 2011.

That’s alot of info. Definitely gets me excited as Red Faction: Guerrilla is one of my favorite open world games ever.

I am very excited to see it running soon.

(Source: Gamepro)

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