Ubisoft Press Conference

The Ubisoft Conference started out really strong. They showed the game that has officially sold me on getting a Kinect. Child of Eden the new Mizaguchi game that is the follow-up to Rez. The game looks beautiful and the music ramps up accordingly to the shooting action. The motions of the cursor seem simple and easy to use, very futuristic.

They moved on to the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood demo where they showed an action packed escape from the villa in Assassin’s Creed 2. They are promising even more variety than they had in Assassin’s Creed 2 and they also showed horsriding inside of cities. They say that the game will have you on the offensive much more and that the AI is way more agressive.

Next the moved to a game that looks as if it could be a return to the insanity of the Tony Hawk games mixed with Okami. It’s Shaun White’s Skateboarding and the game takes place in a monolithic grey world that gain color and more rails as you skate it. There are also vert, rail, and ground areas that you can shape as you skate them.

This is when the conference to a strange turn and they introduced Laser Tag as a new and innovative thing. It’s really more of a toy then a videogame. It has multiple modes and ammo and keeps up with your score.

This tailed into what is essentially an Ubisoft vitality sensor with a breathing game presented by a pink haired man wearing leather overalls. It’s called Innergy.

They showed a repeat of the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and the girl registered as 2 inches shorter then she did in the Xbox conference.

This is where the show began to pick up again with the followup to last year’s Raving Rabbids game. Rabbids in time. It was just a cinematic trailer so no real gameplay shown.

Next they showed Ghost Recon: Future Soldier which seems to have gotten rid of many of the strategy elements of the series in favor of a more traditional 3rd Person cover based shooter. They have optical camouflage which seems like it makes you completely invisible. It also has 4-player co-op.

Next they showed off the latest reboot of the Driver franchise. This time they have really thrown out any semblance of reality and have decided that the game takes place in a coma and you can jump to any car you see on the street that you want to.

They closed out with 3 downloadable titles. They started with a game that appears to be some sort of god game named Project Dust. It is due out Spring 2011.

Next was the second highlight of the conference for me a brand new side-scrolling Rayman that also appears to be cooperative.

Finally they ended with what appears to be a sort of Little Big Planet for Shooters, RPG’s, and Racing. It’s is based off of the success of the Trackmania franchise and is called Maniaplanet. It features 3 games. Shootmania, Questmania, and Trackmania 2.

After soothing me with these really interesting games they vaguely announced a Michael Jackson dancing game. I am not sure what the game is or what it’s for. They just had a group of dancers dancing to Beat It.

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    1. Agreed. I tried my hardest in there not to be mega rude. I am still way excited about the Mizaguchi game. Depending on the price of Kinect it might be enough for me. Even though I hear you can play Child of Eden with a controller.

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