20 thoughts on “Vlog 5-31-10 “Mario Schedule Version 2””

  1. 1. Resident evil opening. o_O
    2. In showbiz we call that the battlefield earth angle.
    3. Happy b-days.
    4. So long as the games get played, I’ll be happy.
    5. Sonic’s big debut? Don’t let it go to your spiny head sonic. XP
    6. Like I’ve said before, this will be fun.

  2. No, what really sucks is that I can’t play MKW on-line and I’m not part of TSG staff Y_Y lol, this is gong to be fun to watch! Only 9 days to go! Wooooo!

    lol Brittain, i saw you turning as red as your shirt when you started talking about be nominated to CCN Hero.x3 and you’re welcome, you totally deserve it! ~<3

    looking forward to the next episode ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I just REALLY wanna see all the Mario RPG’s played more than anything! Funny, i remember that’s what everyone wanted to see before, now it’s all about the platform mario games… (:P

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