DarkSpore, a Spore based action RPG, announced

DarkSpore is supposed to be a Diablo style RPG set in the spore universe with the same style and some of the customization options. The game looks to feature the ability to have a squad with which you can switch characters on the fly. Each one has different specializations and you buy upgrades with DNA drops you get from the various enemies.

Gameplay video below

2 thoughts on “DarkSpore, a Spore based action RPG, announced”

  1. Spore as in the computer game spore? The one with the epic character creator?! I wish it were an expansion, but it still sounds awesome either way.

    1. Spore has enough expansions already IMO.
      I really hope that DarkSpore doesn’t have the same stupid security thing as Spore which only let you install it three times >:(

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