Double Fine has four smaller games in development

During a developers conference he attended recently Tim Schaeffer, the funniest man in gaming, has announced that his company is working on four smaller projects rather then a large one. He game some simple information on who is working in what and what they might be like. Lee Petty, the art director on Brutal Legend, is working on one which Schafer called “sort of retro but also really new.”. Nathan Marts is working on one that is “quite cutting edge.” Brad Muir worked on the gameplay of Brutal Legend and is working on one that is focused on Gameplay. The studio lead animator Tasha Harris is also working on one that he did not have a real quote for.

Some of the games will be downloadable and some will actually be retail.

I personally have felt this was the correct direction for Double Fine to go for them to go. Smaller games with less focus on the actual production and a larger focus on the comedy/story and gameplay.

Is anyone else here a fan of Tim Schaefer’s work on adventure games or his more modern games?


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