ESRB Leaks Monkey Paw’s Localizations of Magical Drop F, Cho Aniki, and more PSone Classics

Monkey Paw has been keeping their activities quiet, but the ESRB isn’t so stealthy. The ESRB revealed Monkey Paw’s line up for Import PSone Classics.

Monkey Paw will be localizing puzzle games Magical Drop F, which is the title Magical Drop but with a quest mode,  and Blockoids, an Arkanoid clone. They are also bringing over two side scrolling shooters for PSone Classics Cho Aniki and GaiaSeed, plus a fighting game called Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty, which only saw a Sega Saturn release in North America, under the name Dark Legend.

The extent at which Monkey Paw plans on localizing these games haven’t been revealed. They may simply just be published by Monkey Paw, or have an actual localization.  We will have to wait for an official announcement to find out more details.

(Source: Siliconera)

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